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Frequently Asked Questions

No, AMSF is a tuition-free school.
AMSF serves grades Kindergarten - 8th grade.
 In our aim to provide the best academic environment, we limit the size of our classes to 29 students.
AMSF offers an individualized math and reading program, allowing for students to work at their own advanced pace and to be challenged on a daily basis.
Yes, students are able to order lunch by selecting the days on the lunch order form, which is available at the Front Office. AMSF lunches are provided by our caterer, L & M Catering. The cost for student lunch is $3.33 per day; however, AMSF participates in the National School Lunch Program which provides free or reduced prices for children from qualifying families. A reduced-price lunch costs $0.40 per day. For more details including lunch menus and free and reduced lunch applications visit our breakfast and lunch page.
The AMS network has extremely high standards and expectations for all staff members. Prospective teacher candidates are evaluated for their experience, writing skills, and content knowledge in a longer than average process that includes a content assessment test. Out of the thousands of applications we receive, we will only hire the top 2% of candidates. All teachers at AMSF, including specials (Art, Music, Computer Sciences, PE) and support staff, are considered highly-qualified as defined by the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.
All grade levels at AMSF participate in PE, art, and music (piano or guitar) at least once a week. Most students start learning Mandarin or Russian and taking technology classes by 2nd grade.
At this time, AMSF does not provide transportation to and from school. It is the parents' responsibility to transport their children to school and pick them up. If you would like to carpool with other parents, please call the front office to learn how to get involved.
The first school in the network, AMS Prince in Tucson, opened in 2001 and has been highly successful, receiving recognition as a top-performing school and the 2016 AZ Charter School of the Year and more. AMSF was opened in 2013 and is already significantly outperforming surrounding neighborhood schools. 
AMSF offers free homework help after school in all subject areas Monday through Thursday. If your child is placed in the after school remediation program to catch up to grade level, check with your child’s teacher to find out the exact days of the week for their tutoring. 
Of course! To schedule a tour and learn more about the school and curriculum call the front office at (602) 888-9572, or fill out our online tour request form.
For the full enrollment process, visit our Enrollment Procedures page here. In order to provide the best academic environment for our students, we limit class sizes. This means that we often have a waiting list for many of the grade levels. Children who are already enrolled at AMSF during the previous year have a guaranteed place for the next school year. Their siblings and students transferring from our other campuses have priority on the waiting list. Following a lottery, other families are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not discriminate for admission of children on any basis, and adhere to the guidelines described and set forth by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.
All of our teachers have email addresses accessible by visiting our teacher webpage. Teachers regularly post their homework and announcements on this page as well. You may also call the school at (602) 888-9572.